Maximum Female Wrestling

Ariel X

  • Ariel X Dominates!

    arielvmike sdAriel X is back - and in her best shape ever. She's about the same size as Mike, but he's no match for this dominant, expert wrestler. Ariel wraps those golden, toned limbs around him and has him tapping in just 40 seconds. After that, there's no let-up as she swarms all over him - scissoring, choking, locking, squeezing. He doesn't even get a chance to recover - Mike fights back as hard as he can, but Ariel controls his body perfectly and he gets nowhere. Ariel's at a new peak of fitness and grappling skill - and finishes Mike with a stunning victory pose (check out those biceps!). This is high-class domination wrestling!
    High Definition Length: 23 mins Size: 871 MB

  • Ariel X Dominates! (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 23 mins Size: 302 MB

  • ManBeater - Ariel X v Paul

    arielvpaul newNone of Paul's judo training prepared him for Ariel X! She's fast and deadly, quickly trapping him in some BJJ-based moves that have him helpless. Adult star Ariel scissors him with her ankles and chokes him with her feet. She uses one foot on his face for leverage as she armbars him. She uses another to pressurise his throat until he submits. Every move he tries to make, she has an answering move that leaves him helpless and tapping. Finally, she stands over him, takes his belt and victory-poses while working his face hard with her foot – in close-up! This is Ariel gi-feeting at her most dominant - unmissable!
    High Definition Length: 23 mins Size: 589 MB

  • ManBeater - Ariel X v Paul (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 23 mins Size: 295 MB