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  • Feet First - Gabi v Lydia

    gabivlydia gfg hdGabi is a national-level black belt judoka and here takes on Lydia - trained by her sister Ina Black! Both women are strong and skilled, and Gabi especially likes to use her feet on her opponents! To emphasise her superiority, Gabi frequently rubs her feet onto Lydia's face and neck - which Lydia hates! It's not often that Lydia is outclassed on the mats, and she does her best to fight back. Great judo-based moves and plenty of foot domination here!
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  • Feet First - Gabi v Lydia (sd)

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  • Gabi Dominates

    gabidoms hdGabi is a national-level judoka and expert in Sambo, the Russian grappling art. She's a great wrestler and we had to find a guy who could take the punishment she can dish out. He was still a little concerned about taking her on. He was right! From her first judo flip, he found himself totally outclassed by this great grappling athlete. Gabi uses judo techniques for lightning takedowns, and her grappling skills to finish him off. You'll see chokes, headscissors, armbars, pins and more - including some Sambo leglocks - that have him tapping in desperation. Gabi really knows her stuff and is fantastic to watch. She's big, strong and has great technique - and a great smile as she sees him tap!
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  • Gabi Dominates (sd)

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  • Gabi v Minxy Li

    Gabi wrestles Minxy LiThis was a tough match for Minxy - Gabi is a national class black-belt judoka and a formidable martial artist. Minxy has plenty of wrestling experience, but not at this level. She looks anxious from the start, and when Gabi uses a sambo leglock for the first submission, it just adds to her concern. But the match continues and both wrestlers are soon going at it hard. Gabi is clearly dominant, but Minxy recovers herself and manages to take Gabi's back shortly before the final bell. The match gets very intense at various points and it's great to see Gabi's fantastic technique in action!
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  • Gabi v Minxy Li (sd)

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  • Gabi v Venom

    gabivvenom sdIt's tough to find worthy competition for super-skilled Venom. Step forward Gabi, who's a national level black belt judoka! Both woman have very different styles, with Gabi going for lightning-fast takedowns and submissions and Venom playing more of a mat-based, slow-but-sure grappling style. The result is a great match that features some awesome explosive moves and intense submission attempts. Will this match settle the judo vs BJJ question? Check it out and see for yourself!
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  • Gabi v Venom (sd)

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