Maximum Female Wrestling


  • Anastaxia v Lydia

    anastaxiavlydia hdBeautiful Anastaxia's debut at a competitive live event. Unfortunately for her, she was paired with one of the strongest girls out there - Lydia. Ina's sister wastes no time in taking the new girl down and pinning her flat. Lydia has an extremely dominant style with her opponents, and despite struggling hard, Anastaxia is forced to submit multiple times to the more experienced wrestler. A baptism of fire for Anastaxia - who nonetheless takes her defeat with excellent sportsmanship. We hope to see plenty more of her!
    High Definition Length: 20 mins Size: 762 MB

  • Anastaxia v Lydia (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 20 mins Size: 437 MB

  • Feet First - Gabi v Lydia

    gabivlydia gfg hdGabi is a national-level black belt judoka and here takes on Lydia - trained by her sister Ina Black! Both women are strong and skilled, and Gabi especially likes to use her feet on her opponents! To emphasise her superiority, Gabi frequently rubs her feet onto Lydia's face and neck - which Lydia hates! It's not often that Lydia is outclassed on the mats, and she does her best to fight back. Great judo-based moves and plenty of foot domination here!
    High Definition Length: 21 mins Size: 795 MB

  • Feet First - Gabi v Lydia (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 21 mins Size: 476 MB

  • Geri v Lydia

    Geri wrestles with Lydia Lydia was always strong and aggressive, but now she has grown in skill and is itching to demonstrates it on Geri! Like her sister Ina, Lidya has extremely strong legs and when she pulls Geri tightly into her thick thighs, it's submission time. But green-belt judoka Geri has a techniques of her own, as Lydia learns to her cost. A high-scoring bout with plenty of action!
    High DefinitionLength: 20 minsSize: 895 MB

  • Geri v Lydia (sd)

    Standard DefinitionLength: 20 minsSize: 443 MB

  • Lydia - Dominate and Destroy!

    lydiadomdests hdWe wanted to find a tough, fit opponent Lydia's size to see if she could still dominate him. Well, we did - and she certainly could! With her strength and technique Lydia rapidly gets this athletic guy under control and goes to work, using her thick, powerful legs to really put the hurting on him. She doesn't hold back! He's soon demoralised by her onslaught and tapping out repeatedly. At one point, we had to stop filming to give him time to recover from Lydia's attack. Lydia certainly knows her stuff, and proves conclusively that even tough guys of her own size don't stand a chance!
    High Definition
    Length: 20 mins Size: 738MB

  • Lydia - Dominate and Destroy! (sd)

    Standard DefinitionLength: 20 mins Size: 442MB

  • Lydia v Adam

    lydiavadam hdIt looks like a seduction... Lydia oils up and teases Adam, squirting oil over him (and herself). But anticipation turns to agony as Lydia simply dominates him! She chokes him, flattens him face-down into the oil, traps his arm and slickly converts it into an armbar submission. And that's just the start of 20 minutes of slippery submissions in one hold after another! Lydia is very strong and knows how to wrestle. As Adam slides into her waiting headscissors and chokes, you'll see the shock on his face - followed by pain as he sees there's no escape. Lydia loves it all, and rubs in her superiority at the end with some foot domination!
    High DefinitionLength: 22 mins Size: 560 MB

  • Lydia v Adam (sd)

    Standard DefinitionLength: 22 mins Size: 238 MB

  • Lydia v Mike

    Lydia Oil WrestlingLydia's so sexy - watch how she oils up at the beginning of this match! And when it comes to wrestling Mike, she's so dominant! She plays with her prey - trapping Mike in her legs and forcing him to submit. When he doe so, she doesn't let go but simply forces another submission. You can't blame Mike for tapping repeatedly. Once Lydia's powerful, thick thighs are around his neck, he doesn't stand a chance. She also loves to pin her man, and Mike's face is engulfed by her legs as she clamps them tightly around him and orders him to submit to her. Trained by her sister Ina Black, it's no wonder that Lydia is such a dominant, controlling wrestler!
    High DefinitionLength: 22 mins Size: 860 MB

  • Lydia v Mike (sd)

    Standard DefinitionLength: 22 mins Size: 262 MB

  • Lydia v Tyger

    Lydia wrestles TygerLydia has upped her game since we last saw her! She's picked up a new set of deadly armbar and leglock techniques and uses them to force Tyger into submission repeatedly. (Can this be her sister, sambo champion Ina's influence?) Coupled with awesome thigh strength and great takedown technique, Lydia turns what should have been an even match into almost a squash job. Look out, it seems Lydia's on the warpath!
    High DefinitionLength: 20 minsSize: 914 MB

  • Lydia v Tyger (sd)

    Standard DefinitionLength: 20 minsSize: 453 MB

  • Lydia v Venom

    Lydia wrestles VenomSkilled Venom takes on powerful Lydia in an intense match. This is an awesome technique v raw power contest, though Venom is certainly strong and Lydia has learned some great technique from her sister, Ina Black. The result is an exciting, evenly-matched battle between two women, neither of whom like to lose! Lots of intensity here, with some great moves - watch how Venom extricates herself from one of Lydia's trademark leglocks with ease. And see how Lydia defends against Venom's continuous 'swarming' attack! A great match, between two very different approaches to wrestling!
    High Definition Length: 20 mins Size: 748 MB

  • Lydia v Venom (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 20 mins Size: 448 MB

  • Tatami Tussle - Lydia v Orsi

    lydiavorsi hdLydia is always looking for new opponents, male or female, to conquer and trap beneath her triumphant feet. She challenged Orsi, who is more experienced than her but perhaps less aggressive. Orsi certainly lives to regret accepting the challenge! Lydia has been training hard with her sister Ina and soon has Orsi in some painful holds. It's not long before Lydia shows her supremacy by forcing her feet onto Orsi's body. Orsi is tough and doesn't submit so easily, but submit she must to Lydia's onslaught. Lydia drags and rolls her around the mats, choking, squeezing and dominating the smaller girl. Orsi wants a rematch, and we await Lydia's response!
    High Definition Length: 21 mins Size: 930 MB

  • Tatami Tussle - Lydia v Orsi (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 21 mins Size: 479 MB