Maximum Female Wrestling


  • Antscha's Undoing - by Lynx!

    Lynx dominates Antscha!Normally Antscha does all the dominating on the mats - but not this time! This was a custom match that pits powerful Lynx against the Hungarian hardbody. Lynx is very tough and her strongest asset is her powerful legs - which she uses to target Antscha's strongest point - her awesome abs! The match is a real tussle with plenty of straining close-ups on Antscha's superb abdominals as she desperately strains to evade Lynx's powerful holds. And despite her great technique, Antscha finds she has to submit to Lynx's superior strength and will to win! Something completely different - and great to watch!
    High DefinitionLength: 24 mins Size: 888 MB

  • Antscha's Undoing - by Lynx! (sd)

    Standard DefinitionLength: 24 mins Size: 532 MB