Maximum Female Wrestling


  • Antscha v Venom

    Antscha wrestles VenomThese two explode across the mats with everything that they've got. Antscha fights off Venom's attack until Venom powers past her defences, takes her back and fights for a choke. There's many such to-and-fro battles leaving the audience open-mouthed. Both wrestlers are matched for weight, fantastically fit and the action is fast and continuous. One winner emerges by a narrow margin. A superb example of real, skilled wrestling!
    High Definition Length: 20 mins Size: 897 MB

  • Antscha v Venom (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 20 mins Size: 449 MB

  • Gabi v Venom

    gabivvenom sdIt's tough to find worthy competition for super-skilled Venom. Step forward Gabi, who's a national level black belt judoka! Both woman have very different styles, with Gabi going for lightning-fast takedowns and submissions and Venom playing more of a mat-based, slow-but-sure grappling style. The result is a great match that features some awesome explosive moves and intense submission attempts. Will this match settle the judo vs BJJ question? Check it out and see for yourself!
    High Definition Length: 19 mins Size: 731 MB

  • Gabi v Venom (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 19 mins Size: 438 MB

  • Ina Black v Venom

    Ina Black wrestles Venom - competitiveA match everyone was waiting to see. Ina, judo black-belt versus Venom, BJJ grappler. Ina outweighs the blonde - yet Venom trains daily and her BJJ skills give an advantage. She attacks at great speed while Ina - no slouch herself - waits to trap her with a judo throw or hold. Submission comes quickly! The match ends a few minutes short due to an old injury of Ina's. But that's after great wrestling between two of the very best around!
    High Definition Length: 16 mins Size: 643 MB

  • Ina Black v Venom (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 16 mins Size: 364 MB

  • Lydia v Venom

    Lydia wrestles VenomSkilled Venom takes on powerful Lydia in an intense match. This is an awesome technique v raw power contest, though Venom is certainly strong and Lydia has learned some great technique from her sister, Ina Black. The result is an exciting, evenly-matched battle between two women, neither of whom like to lose! Lots of intensity here, with some great moves - watch how Venom extricates herself from one of Lydia's trademark leglocks with ease. And see how Lydia defends against Venom's continuous 'swarming' attack! A great match, between two very different approaches to wrestling!
    High Definition Length: 20 mins Size: 748 MB

  • Lydia v Venom (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 20 mins Size: 448 MB

  • Toned Tommi v Venom

    Toned Tommi wrestles VenomDebuts for pro cagefighter Toned Tommi - first time in UK - and pro martial artist Venom. Both are fast. agile, and the action explosive. Take downs are rapid and both women are like tensed springs ready to burst into a new move. It's anyone's match and the atmosphere is intense. Tommi's musculature is awesome, and Venom's strength surprises. Fantastic match - first of several by some of the best competitive females around!
    High Definition Length: 20 mins Size: 866 MB

  • Toned Tommi v Venom (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 20 mins Size: 447 MB

  • Tyger v Venom

    Tyger wrestles VenomTyger's unorthodox wrestling style can confuse even skilled opponents. But Venom knows how to get past it and force her way to the tap. It's fascinating to watch the two locked tightly together, limbs tangled and locked together as Venom inches her way towards Tyger's despairing submission. Venom's wrestling skills are exceptional, and unfortunately for Tyger, this match is a great showcase for them!
    High Definition Length: 20 minsSize: 818 MB

  • Tyger v Venom (sd)

    High DefinitionLength: 20 minsSize: 446 MB

  • Venom Dominates!

    Venom Female Domination WrestlerVenom is one of the most skilled wrestlers around! She attacks, and in moments Sam's on the mat groaning in pain. Venom is pitiless to an opponent. She lays on one crushing hold after another, barely pausing for breath. One of the most comprehensively dominating matches we've filmed!
    High DefinitionLength: 21 mins Size: 882 MB

  • Venom Dominates! (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 21 mins Size: 467 MB