Maximum Female Wrestling


  • Minxy Li v Yoana

    Minxy Li wrestles Yoana Minxy Li's competitive debut at an MWC Event! It's a tough challenge against Yoana, an 18-year-old judoka who's strong and technical, but less schooled in submission wrestling than Minxy. This makes for a great match – Yoana often wins the takedown and controls Minxy, twisting her round the mat. But Minxy fights back and sink in the submissions! Incredible energy here, and both girls are fighting to win!
    High Definition Length: 21 mins Size: 979 MB

  • Minxy Li v Yoana (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 21 mins Size: 466 MB

  • Stella v Yoana

    Stella wrestles YoanaAnyone who saw these two throwing guys around the mat in our domination clipstore knows they're talented judokas. But how do they do against each other in competitive wrestling? Aged 20 and 18 respectively, Stella and Yoana know each other's tactics well. There are some great moves here, and despite being younger and smaller, blonde Yoana has a slight edge. A great introduction to submission-style wrestling for these two!
    High Definition Length: 20 mins Size: 833 MB

  • Stella v Yoana (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 20 mins Size: 450 MB

  • Young Tigers - Stella v Yoana

    Female judokas gi feet combat videoStella and Yoana compete on the same team and have a strong rivalry. They loved the idea of fighting with more emphasis on foot-based submissions, and used it with devastating effect! Both are skilled, but one is a little better and her determination to win sees her opponent choked and exhausted on the tatami at the finish. You'd expect some fine throws from these two and the first one comes as a shock, with lightning speed!
    High DefinitionLength: 23 mins Size: 1091 MB

  • Young Tigers - Stella v Yoana (sd)

    Standard DefinitionLength: 23 mins Size: 530 MB