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  • Anastaxia v Axa Jay

    anastaxiavaxa hdTwo beauties line up to do battle. Axa is far more experienced, but Anastaxia has found her feet and is ready to give as good as she gets. There are plenty of submissions in this match and they're not all one-sided. Axa amazes with her speed, leg strength and ability to smother - and newcomer Anastaxia shows that she can put those long legs to use as well. A great finishing match to a great Event!
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  • Anastaxia v Axa Jay (sd)

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  • Antscha v Axa Jay

    Antscha wrestles Axa JayAntscha is wrestling 100% competitively again and keen to show Axa Jay - who simply gets more skilled all the time - who's boss. Tremendous fast-paced action and some superb wrestling technique as Axa neatly evades Antscha's triangle headscissors only to succumb after several moves to her crushing bodyscissors. But Axa also knows how to use her legs, and Antscha submits to one of Axa's scissors almost instantly. This is a great battle of the blondes with plenty of intense submissions and one final winner. Great wrestling!!
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  • Antscha v Axa Jay (sd)

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  • Axa Jay Annihilates

    axaannihils2 hd 570Axa enjoys her wrestling, especially when there's an outclassed man to dominate. She pulls him straight into her waiting scissors and he doesn't know what's hit him. She's soon twisting and torturing him, moving easily from one humiliating hold to another. Axa is fast and knows her stuff - and has an answer for every time he tries to escape. Watch out for her single leg boston crab and her crushing headscissors. Axa smiles as she puts him into every painful hold - no-one enjoys demonstrating her mat superiority more!
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  • Axa Jay Annihilates (sd)

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  • Axa Jay Assassinates

    axajay 365Axa Jay is strong, fast and enjoys wrestling guys into submission.Her speed means she outclasses him completely, quickly trapping him in different holds. She uses her legs to scissor him repeatedly, forcing submission after submission until he's totally broken. Axa Jay has a mischievous smile and you can tell she loves to demonstrate her wrestling superiority.
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  • Axa Jay Assassinates (SD)

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  • Axa Jay v Diana

    axavdiana hd 570UK debut of black belt judoka Diana, who has a great reputation as a wrestler. Here she takes on Axa Jay, who's fast becoming one of the best middleweights around. At 5ft 9 and 154 lb, Diana outweighs her substantially but lacks Axa's pure wrestling technique. This is a fantastic match, with Axa frequently trying to catch Diana in her headscissors and Diana responding with crushing bodyscissors and armlocks. The match is very fast-paced and Axa's never-surrender attitude is something to see. Much applause at the end for a very well-fought fight. Recommended!

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  • Axa Jay v Diana (sd)

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  • Axa Jay v Minxy Li - Rematch

    Axa Jay wrestles Minxy LiA rematch demanded from their first competitive match. There's distinct rivalry between these two, with the previous loser feeling that she wasn't at her best last time. Axa has now put on some extra upper body muscle (purely from wrestling!). The first submission comes amazingly quickly with a crushing guillotine combined with bodyscissors. From then on the wrestling rages back and forth with one girl clearly dominating - and with a clear winner by 3:1 submissions. It seems that it's clear who's the superior wrestler at the moment - but who knows what the future holds...
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  • Axa Jay v Minxy Li - Rematch (sd)

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