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  • Axa Jay v Diana

    axavdiana hd 570UK debut of black belt judoka Diana, who has a great reputation as a wrestler. Here she takes on Axa Jay, who's fast becoming one of the best middleweights around. At 5ft 9 and 154 lb, Diana outweighs her substantially but lacks Axa's pure wrestling technique. This is a fantastic match, with Axa frequently trying to catch Diana in her headscissors and Diana responding with crushing bodyscissors and armlocks. The match is very fast-paced and Axa's never-surrender attitude is something to see. Much applause at the end for a very well-fought fight. Recommended!

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  • Axa Jay v Diana (sd)

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  • Black Belt Beauty - Diana v Bert

    Diana v guy in judo gi wrestling fightDiana is a tall, young black-belt judoka who knows how to use her feet to submit and humiliate! She takes to the Gi-Feet domination style easily - and has him submitting to her foot attack on his throat within seconds of the start! There are some fantastic close-ups here, so you can closely see exactly how Diana is using her strong feet to break him. Just check the expression on her face - Diana is a genuine competitive athlete and shows no mercy, no matter how much he struggles. She uses her advanced judo techniques to immobilise him, before delivering the coup-de-grace with her foot holds. This is true gi_feet domination - and blonde Diana is a star!
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  • Black Belt Beauty - Diana v Bert (sd)

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  • Diana Dominates!

    dianadoms1 sdDiana is 23 and the complete wrestling package! Tall and athletic, she's a judo black belt and as she says, "loves to fight." Here she takes on a guy and shows him what wrestling is all about! At 5ft 9, she's taller than him, and soon has him flipped on the mat and in trouble. As the match progresses, Diana ramps up the power, showing him the strength of her long-legged head scissors, chokes and armlocks. Although he attempts counter-attacks, Diana reigns effortlessly supreme. Don't miss this one!
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  • Diana Dominates! (sd)

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