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  • Suzie Subdues

    suzie3 365Suzie returns to dominate in her sensual way! She's a skilled grappler and uses her technique to get her opponent under control and treat him like a toy. Her long legs twine around him and soon he submits to this dark-haired goddess. Suzie teases him, tickles and twists his crotch and there's nothing he can do about it. He knows she can defeat him and hurt him, so he's forced to endure her subjugation. Watch her trap his head with her thighs and taunt him with what she calls "The Power of the Pussy". Suzie is at her most dominant!
    High DefinitionLength: 20 minsSize: 755 MB

  • Suzie Subdues (SD)

    Standard DefinitionLength: 20 minsSize: 453 MB

  • Suzie Submits Him

    suzie1 365Athletic Suzie has been training hard and is more than a match for most men. Her flexibility is fantastic and combined with her long legs, makes her a deadly, superfit opponent. This guy finds himself trapped and tapping repeatedly. Her knowledge of locks and holds forces one submission after another. She moves like a cat, flowing from hold to hold. Finally, she locks up his head between her boots and armbars him, then finishes him with her headscissors. He stands no chance.
    High DefinitionLength: 19 minsSize: 736 MB

  • Suzie Submits Him (SD)

    Standard DefinitionLength: 19 minsSize: 442 MB

  • Suzie Supreme

    suzie2 365Suzie is back, this time barefoot. She's as athletic and skilled as ever and now uses her bare feet to dominate and humiliate. This match is more sensual as Suzie really enjoys applying her holds to her opponent. She spreads her long legs wide then suddenly locks them tightly together around his neck. She armbars him and wraps her ankles around his throat, forcing her soles hard into his face. She reverse headscissors him, locking his legs tight with her arms so he can't move. Suzie knows many holds and moves like a cat, tormenting her prey.
    High DefinitionLength: 16 minsSize: 622 MB

  • Suzie Supreme (SD)

    Standard DefinitionLength: 16 minsSize: 373 MB

  • Suzie Takes Control

    Suzie Wrestles a guySuzie is an expert wrestler, and one of her greatest skills is the use of her feet. She know how to force them into her opponent's face to dominate, using the soles and sides of her feet to force submissions. Suzie combines this with scissors, armbars, sweeps and locks - and kicks to his crotch to keep him under control. Suzie is a very sensual wrestler, and enjoys showing this outclassed guy who's boss. A great clip for Suzie fans, showing this beautiful athlete at her most sexy, skilled and dominating. NB - Extra Length!
    High DefinitionLength: 26 minsSize: 988 MB

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  • Suzie Takes Control (SD)

    Standard DefinitionLength: 26 minsSize: 593 MB