Maximum Female Wrestling


  • Lydia v Tyger

    Lydia wrestles TygerLydia has upped her game since we last saw her! She's picked up a new set of deadly armbar and leglock techniques and uses them to force Tyger into submission repeatedly. (Can this be her sister, sambo champion Ina's influence?) Coupled with awesome thigh strength and great takedown technique, Lydia turns what should have been an even match into almost a squash job. Look out, it seems Lydia's on the warpath!
    High DefinitionLength: 20 minsSize: 914 MB

  • Lydia v Tyger (sd)

    Standard DefinitionLength: 20 minsSize: 453 MB

  • Orsi v Tyger

    Orsi wrestles TygerThese two are old rivals. Tyger's fast reactions and wiry headscissors versus Orsi's strength and crushing bodyscissors. Tyger takes Orsi down, only to find herself caught in Orsi's thighs and in real pain. Check out the shock on her face! The battle flows with many submissions, and one clear winner. It's great to see how each brings out the best in the other!
    High Definition Length: 22 mins Size: 894 MB

  • Orsi v Tyger (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 22 mins Size: 498 MB

  • Tyger v Venom

    Tyger wrestles VenomTyger's unorthodox wrestling style can confuse even skilled opponents. But Venom knows how to get past it and force her way to the tap. It's fascinating to watch the two locked tightly together, limbs tangled and locked together as Venom inches her way towards Tyger's despairing submission. Venom's wrestling skills are exceptional, and unfortunately for Tyger, this match is a great showcase for them!
    High Definition Length: 20 minsSize: 818 MB

  • Tyger v Venom (sd)

    High DefinitionLength: 20 minsSize: 446 MB

  • Tyger v Zahra

    tygervzahra hdZahra and Tyger are a perfect match. They're both wiry, strong and fast and the battle rages back and forth. No-one could maintain this pace for the entire match, and one gradually takes control. Wiry limbs trap and dominate, and a winner emerges - or does she? Some thought the match was a draw. You decide! We wanted to put these two together for a while, and the match exceeded our expectations!
    High Definition Length: 21 mins Size: 873 MB

  • Tyger v Zahra (sd)

    Standard Definition Length: 21 mins Size: 424 MB